We aim to serve fairly priced, delicious coffee and superior quality food, in our unique and inviting environment, so that every customer leaves happy and wants to return.

Driven by the Buhr Family’s love for entertaining, Brigitte’s passion for cooking – consequently studying at the prestigious, internationally recognised Christina Martin School of Food and Wine in Durban – and her apt nickname of Bee (B); what was originally a farmhouse on a sugarcane plantation soon became a quaint little Bed and Breakfast, Restaurant and fully licensed country Bar called B’s Guest House, which opened in 2001 and was owned and managed by Bee herself.

Bee met her husband, Richard Griffin, at the Guest House in 2010 when he stopped over as a guest whilst on the road as a salesman from Durban. Love blossomed and they married in 2013. It didn’t take long for Richard to become useful in the kitchen, and he is more often than not assistant chef for functions, thus becoming an integral part of the BGH family, in more ways than one.


In 2015 the Griffin’s relocated to the coast to pursue other interests and Bee’s brother Mark took over ownership. Bee generously agreed to continue catering for functions on a part time basis and trained the long standing barman/manager, Ian Hulley (a.k.a. Silence) and 2 kitchen staff, Witness and Sindi, so that the bar’s food menu could still be offered to guests.

B’s Today

Thanks to Mark’s ideas, his vision and his drive; and Bee’s creativity, commitment and of course her exceptional culinary skills, the new look B’s took shape and is as it stands today with the addition of 2 upmarket self catering units and a beautiful, stylish Coffee Shop and Restaurant.

Unwind & Enjoy our beautiful surroundings